Our Tunes

Music shared for a few days.

Wolfram - Can’t Remember

Is it just me or is there a shedload of 90’s influences popping up at the moment?

Electronic - Getting Away With It (greg wilson edit)

Big Star - Thirteen

Livin Joy - Dreamer

A Vague classic.

Joe Smooth feat Paris Brightledge - We Gotta Love

RIP Frankie Knuckles

Luluc - Without A Face

WINX - Don’t Laugh (Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Dub)

You absolutely loved this didn’t you Dex? My standout memory of this track is me and you in Stanley Avenue, Manchester completely fucked on skunk with a bare red lightbulb on in the living room. You had a severe skinhead and put this on several times one after the other whilst laughing along with the song. Terrifying. phx

That was the only time I’ve ever seen Big John look scared. Nah, not scared. Worried. Not sure this is the mix we used to play in Manchester. Maybe Pikey had a white label?

Hot Chip vs William Onyeabor - Atomic Bomb

David Crosby - What’s Broken

Have found this track quite endearing even if it is on the melancholy side however the rest of his new lp didn’t grab me. It’s a step up from some of his 80s/90s output that I’ve heard where he would sing about riding his motorbike or in his car! For some reason, his voice on this track reminds me of José Gonzalez. pc

Morning Of The Earth - Full Movie

Thelonius Monk - Straight No Chaser

The story goes that when Monk was asked by an interviewer what he listened to, he replied “everything”.

The interviewer said “No, really, what do you listen to?”

Monk, agitated, turned to another person in the room and said

"Is he deaf? I said everything”.

Eddy Grant: Timewarp

Frankie Knuckles gets two tunes to convey him into the deepest depths of the galaxy.

The rallying cry goes up. His chariot, in the form of an immense mirrorball, shot at by 1,000,000 lazers, glides in imperious triumph to the heavens. He is propelled by the energy transmitted endlessly through the cosmos by the stamping feet of millions. 


Candido: Thousand Finger Man

Frankie Knuckles. 


Donald Byrd - Love Has Come Around