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Music shared for a few days.

Jackyl - The Lumberjack

What the track lacks in quality is more than made up for by the chainsaw solo at around 1m38…

Synkro & Manos - In My Arms

Haven’t been on here for a while, for MP (ZP & SD)!

Wings - Maybe I’m Amazed

For Mike, Sasha and Zac.


misunderstood or underrated - I think this album is incredible - Dexter, this might be my Jonathan Wilson moment…

(Source: youtube.com)

Pablo and Shoey: Pure Bitterness

Hubbabubbaklubb: Mopedbart


Malcolm McLaren - About Her

Wooden Shjips: These Shadows (Acoustic)

I want to buy a tambourine.

Lou Reed and John Cale - Forever Changed

Goodbye then Lou, you great big bundle of furious art. Thank you.

Dex, do you remember when I came down to Lancing in ‘90 and we went on the piss? We got back to your Ma’s and stuck the TV on just in time for Arena or whatever the fuck late night programme it was showing the whole recital of ‘Songs for Drella’ and skinned up. Blew me away that gig…I’ve listened to the album many, many times since and listened to it again the day after Lou died.

Funny, not many musicians deaths have made me remember individual people or situations as much as Lou Reed has…px

Emmylou Harris: Tulsa Queen

(I want the steel-guitar player’s shirt.)

Emmylou Harris: Pancho and Lefty

What he was singing about yesterday is still true today. Probably will be tomorrow too. I guess that means that we can still listen to Lou Reed long into the future and still be awed by his honesty. Some consolation.

Don Mclean - Empty Chairs